Geo-Database for Down Town Toronto
Publication Date : 2009
Edition : 2009
Geography : City of Toronto  
Description : This Geo Database for Down Town Toronto is a compilation of various geospatial files including roads, clutter data, digital elevation, place names and building heights.
Accessing the Data : Link to Data
Use Restriction: For use by Ryerson University faculty, students and staff for academic teaching and non-commercial research. Read appropriate licensing agreement for further information.
Permissions : Users must agree to a specific license agreement. Proper citation of the data are required.
Type of Data : vector and raster
Link to ESRI Shapefile Viewer: Download ArcExplorer
Link to Beyond 20/20 Software: Download Beyond 20/20
Format: Shapefile
File Size : 5 MB
Technical Detail : Projection: UTM Metres Zone 17 Hemisphere N
Data Creator: RMSI
Publisher: RMSI
Copyright Owner: RMSI
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Subject: Streets   Buildings - Footprints   Land Use   Addresses   Land Cover   Elevation