DMTI Routelogistics Network Data 2008.3
Publication Date : 2008
Edition : 2008.3
Geography : Canada  
Description : ArcGIS Network Analyst is a powerful extension that provides network-based spatial analysis including routing, travel directions, closest facility, and service area analysis. ArcGIS Network Analyst enables users to dynamically model realistic network conditions, including turn restrictions, speed limits, height restrictions, and traffic conditions, at different times of the day.
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Permissions : Users must agree to the conditions of the DMTI Data Agreement. Proper citation of the data are required.
Type of Data : vector
Format: Zip
File Size : 650 MB
Data Creator: DMTI Spatial Inc.
Publisher: DMTI Spatial Inc.
Copyright Owner: DMTI Spatial Inc.
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Subject: Highways   Streets   Transportation   Travel Time   Highways - Exits   Highways - Speed Limits   Streets - Speed Limits   Streets - One Way   Addresses   Roads   Network Data