City of Ottawa GIS files
Publication Date : 2003
Edition :
Geography : City of Ottawa  
Description : : The Information Technology Branch staff have been working with various schools in the area, ranging from elementary schools to universities, in promoting the use of Geographic Information Systems in the classroom. In order to facilitate this exercise we developed a CD-Rom GIS data viewer package. The package is now available to the public for general purpose use. We would like to stress that the tool and data package was created for educational use and is provided "as is"
Accessing the Data : Access is available via the World Wide Web
Use Restriction: None
Permissions : Proper Citation is required.
Type of Data : vector
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Format: Shapefile, Zip
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Data Creator: City of Ottawa
Publisher: City of Ottawa
Copyright Owner: City of Ottawa
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Subject: Railroads   Highways   Placenames   Recreation   Parks   Boundaries   Streets   Roads   Hydrography   Hospitals   Education   Libraries