City of Toronto Interactive Overview Map
Publication Date : 2005
Edition : 2005
Geography : City of Toronto  
Description : Interactive Mapping Tool created by the City of Toronto featuring Toronto maps and aerial views of the city. Additional features include an Address search engine (by street name and number or by intersection), and spatial data layers including Things to do, Education, Emergency Services, Health Services, Housing and Shelters, Public Buildings, Public Transit, Recreation, Community Services, and City Wards.
Accessing the Data : Access is available via the World Wide Web
Use Restriction: None
Permissions : Proper Citation is required.
Type of Data : vector and raster
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Format: html
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Data Creator: City of Toronto
Publisher: City of Toronto
Copyright Owner: City of Toronto
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Subject: Streets   Buildings - Footprints   Transportation   Emergency Services   Services   Roads   Aerial Images   Education   Health   Public Transit