City of Toronto Mono Viewer (TMV) 2.0
Publication Date : 2001
Edition : Version 2.0
Geography : City of Toronto  
Description : With the Toronto Mono Viewer 2.0 (TMV2), one may view and obtain information from aerial photos of the entire City of Toronto. TMV2 is a custom viewer software that is linked to 1,500 aerial images, 435,000 municipal addresses, 64,000 x,y,z co-ordinate points, property and street line parcels, street centre lines, ravine mapping and zoning. In addition, the Toronto Mono viewer 2.0 has a vegetation plug that can view the locations of trees, shrubbery, hedges, planter boxes, public flower beds and treed areas.
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Use Restriction: For use by Ryerson University faculty, students and staff only.
Permissions : Users must sign generic license agreement.
Type of Data : vector
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Format: Windows
File Size : 2000 MB
Data Creator: City of Toronto Works and Emergency Services
Publisher: City of Toronto Works and Emergency Services
Copyright Owner: City of Toronto Works and Emergency Services
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Citation Format : Toronto Mono Viewer 2.0. City of Toronto Works and Emergency Services, 2001
Subject: Boundaries   Streets   Buildings - Footprints   Addresses   Roads   Property Boundaries   Aerial Images   Vegetation   Digital Elevation Models   Elevation