City of Toronto Centreline 2004
Publication Date : 2004
Edition : 2004 Edition
Geography : City of Toronto  
Description : The City of Toronto's digital Street Centreline contains geographic linear representation of transportation corridors, administrative boundaries and shorelines. Features are attributed with unique identifiers, descriptive feature codes, street or feature names, address ranges and other associated data.
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Use Restriction: For use by Ryerson University faculty, students and staff for academic teaching and non-commercial research. Read appropriate licensing agreement for further information.
Permissions : Users must sign generic license agreement.
Type of Data : vector
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Format: Shapefile, Zip
File Size : 6 MB
Technical Detail : Map Projection: UTM Zone 17, Horizontal Datum: NAD83
Data Creator: City of Toronto Works and Emergency Services
Publisher: City of Toronto Works and Emergency Services
Copyright Owner: City of Toronto Works and Emergency Services
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Subject: Streets