DMTI Census Geography Files
Publication Date : 1996
Edition : 1996 Census
Geography : Canada  
Description : CDROM includes Census Demographic Boundaries and Data from the 1996 Census of Canada. Includes age, dwelling, citizenship, immigration, ethnicity, labour force, education and income data among others. Data is available at the following levels of geography: FSA, EA, CSD, CD, CMA/CA, CT, FED.
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Use Restriction: For use by Ryerson University faculty, students and staff only. These data products are provided for the exclusive purposes of teaching, academic research and publishing and may not be used for any other purposes without the explicit written approval, in advance of DMTI. Read the appropriate license agreement for further information.
Permissions : Users must agree to the conditions of the DMTI Data Agreement. Proper citation of the data are required.
Type of Data : vector
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Format: Shapefile, MapInfo
File Size : 242 MB
Data Creator: Statistics Canada
Publisher: DMTI Spatial Inc.
Copyright Owner: DMTI Spatial Inc.
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Subject: Boundaries   Census   Language   Mobility   Households   Immigration   Ethnicity   Labour Force   Occupations   Income   Religion