Atlas of the Biosphere
Publication Date : 2010
Edition : 2010
Geography : Global  
Description : The Atlas of the Biosphere was created as a Masters Thesis project of the University of Wisconsin's Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE). The project goal was to provide information about the environment and human interactions with the environment. The objective of this site is to gather and deliver as much free GIS information about the environment as possible. The Data and Maps sections contain “ready-to-download” geographically explicit data (in GIS ESRI ArcView Format) broken down into four general categories: Humans, Land Use, Ecosystems, and Water Resources."
Accessing the Data : Access is available via the World Wide Web
Use Restriction: None
Permissions : None
Type of Data : vector
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Format: Various
File Size : 10 MB
Technical Detail : Varies based on selected dataset
Data Creator: University of Wisconsin
Publisher: University of Wisconsin
Copyright Owner: University of Wisconsin
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Subject: Population   Wetlands   Vegetation   Agriculture   Soils   Water   Urban   Water Body   Croplands   Pastures   Runoff   Life Expectancy   Literacy Rates   Temperature