Israel Maps
Publication Date : 2004
Edition : 2004
Geography : Israel  
Description : This dataset consists of two vector, raster and elevation maps at a scale of 1:150,000. The first map depicts built up areas and land reserves in Jewish Settlements in the West Banks. The second map depicts the entire completed and projected Wall in the West Bank according to the Israeli military's recommendations, which is to run the length of close to 600 kilometers. The map clarifies the overall implications of the Wall: to isolate large tracts of lands from their owners and create relatively "larger" and "smaller" Palestinian cantons and enclaves. The map also contains inset maps depicting the impacts of the wall at a local and regional level.
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Type of Data : vector and raster
Format: PDF
File Size : 5 MB
Technical Detail : Scale 1:250,000 and 1:150,000
Data Creator: PALIDIS
Publisher: East View Cartographic
Copyright Owner: East View Cartographic
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Subject: Political   Boundaries   Population